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     Whew what a busy month!! Just wanted to take a second to thank my clients! I am pretty busy with a full schedule of lessons and completely booked with training horses until November. Thanks guys for all your support!! Below is some of the "News" for October. If I left something out let me know guys!

October & November News

Riding to win.

7th August 2013

Fall 2013

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I will be posting riding and training tips here regularly. Make sure to check back for current articles and news. If you have a topic you would like me to discuss or have any questions you would like answered please check out Red Hot Running Horses on Facebook and leave a post there! Thanks guys! Talk to you soon.

Tricia Aldridge, R$H

   What a weekend in the city! I was pretty sure it was going to be a rough weekend when one of my clients left me their horse to bring with me to OKC, they went off to the Honduras, and forgot to leave me a coggins! I remembered that I needed a health papers and started to get worried. We planned to leave around noon and it was already 9am.


BBR Summer Shootout

Does my movement affect my horse?

Recent Posts

10th August 2013

20th August 2013

I want you to take a second to think about how your horse moves naturally, and moves with a rider. How the horse needs to compensate for the weight of the rider and tack, not just that, but a live, moving load. Think about how your body position can factor into how your horse performs. With every unnecessary movement you make you’re shortening your horse’s stride and therefore eating up the clock....

Polo Wraps Vs. Splint Boots

7th August 2013

     Polo’s can offer a little more support than splint boots when properly applied. However, in uneducated hands, polo’s can be very dangerous. If wrapped too tight or in the wrong direction, they can damage or bow tendons. If wrapped too loose you run the risk of coming undone while riding, or bunching up too low or high.  I like polo wraps because I feel like you can get support where you need it. I have also noticed when using polo’s that I wont have any dirt and sand inside of the wrap.


Staying Consistent

6th August 2013

     "Ride like you Run" is a phrase that my students hear daily. It's so easy to just "ride" when training isn't your job. Remember that YOU are training every time you ride your horse. The key to training horses is consistency and repetition. It's easy to get frustrated with your horse for not doing the right things, but have you asked yourself, "Am I consistent?"



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