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BBR Summer Shootout 2013

20th August 2013

‚ÄčMy Lucky Weekend     What a weekend in the city! I was pretty sure it was going to be a rough weekend when one of my clients left me their horse to bring with me to OKC, they went off to the Honduras, and forgot to leave me a coggins! I remembered that I needed a health papers and started to get worried. We planned to leave around noon and it was already 9am. Luckily one of their neighbors is also a client of mine and I thought about calling her to see if maybe she knew their vet. As I remembered they bought this horse a few months ago and she could have came with a coggins, I started to worry again. Luckily the neighbor answered the phone and sent me the vets number. Even better, the vet promply faxed me a coggins and I took her to my vet to get the health papers, things were looking up!    As we roll out for OKC, things are going very smooth, a quick three hour drive and we are in the city! We get everyone unloaded and unpacked. Horses are settled in and its time to hit the town! As recommended by my friend Rosie Bradley, We all went to Red Rock Canyon Grill, a beautiful place on the lake (I didn't even know OKC had a lake!) and that definitely has to be the best place I've eaten, not to mention a pretty view. Perks of the job! We go back to the hotel and prepare for the days to come. That night a storm blew through and the inside of the barn had stuff blown everywhere, except the Razer booth, which I had volunteered to man for the weekend. I was feeling as if luck was on my side.      As the night rolled on, Bandit and I didn't have the smoothest run, but we did win a nice check of over $900.00. Takes away some of my frustration from the run! Not to mention I was pretty excited Kristi Schiller asked Josh Welch to take some pictures of my runs. I was very excited about the gelding Maverick, he is Hottie's full brother and she was an amazingly talented mare I trained in 2010. He had a pretty smooth run for his very first trip to town and I couldn't have been more proud of him.    The next night things were looking up as well, Bandit won another $500.00, and I was making lots of friends! Karsyn Daniels did amazing and qualified all three of her horses back and Katelyn McLeod had a smoking run, I was looking forward to watching everyone compete in the short round.     The short round is where my luck started to run out (HAHA). We nicked the third but I'm still proud of my young colt for trying! Katelyn McLeod had a smoking run (15.4, fastest time of the whole weekend) and I'm sad I missed it! My ponies tried hard and it was a pretty good weekend. Now, we come back to the barn and prepare for ANHA. On the way home we only had one flat tire, (I told ya the luck was running low at this point!) but we all made it back safe and sound!  

Tricia and Cashin Doubles, photographed by Josh Welch Photography

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